Statistics for Data Science

purple magnifying glass hovering over bar charts

University of Technology Sydney subject Statistics For Data Science took us through a challenging group project to collect, clean and engineer a dataset around a chosen topic. While encouraging us to evaluate how we can share this information with the DS community

  1. lavaan SEM output showing latent variables

    SEM and CFA Analysis of Implied Structure in COVID Project

    Assumptions made during previous work investigating COVID-19 data imply cause and effect relationships between variables. Using causal directed acyclic graphs and structural equation modelling we examine the structure and accuracy of the explicit and implicit assumptions.


    Thu, Jul 2 2020

  2. an animation of larger point falling and bouncing at the bottom of a plot

    Animation More Better

    A short vignette on understanding advanced gganimate features and how they can improve your animated data visualisations


    Sat, Feb 22 2020